Algunos libros nos hacen disfrutar, nos producen sonrisas, nos ayudan a olvidar.

You can simply enjoy reading some books. They may even give you reasons to smile or laugh.




  1. Erminia says:

    In general books give me the chance to DREAM, to enter a new , different world and be captured by its rules and characters….. as it always happens when I read The Lord of the Rings, for example….

  2. Beautiful book! I love it

  3. Federica says:

    This summer I read “The little prince” . As soon as I started reading I immediately found it very intriguing and funny. It took me into another world. I recommend it to everyone.

  4. un libro che ci fa ricordare il bambino che siamo stati e che, a volte, ci piacerebbe tornare ad essere…

  5. Adriana says:

    I read “Selected Shorts Stories” by H.G.Wells. This book is a recopilation of 21 stories that he wrote.
    I think this book is okay for a light reading because the vocabulary is not difficult, and the fact the there are many little stories makes the reading amusing.
    I don’t usually read this type of books because they are not my favourite. But there were some sotires I really liked like “The Land Ironclads”, “Aepyornis Island”, “Under the Knife” and “The Man Who Could Work Miracles”.

    Adriana Cymerman

  6. Nicanor Crisantos says:

    I read “Gulliver’s Travels”, a book that was written by Jonathan Swift.
    In this book, Lemuel Gulliver(the main character) tells the story of his fantastic and amazing adventures on the island of Lilliput, where the people are very tiny; in Brobdingnag, where the people are giants; in Laputa, the land of science; and finally in the land of Houyhnhnms, where horses are endowed with reason while human beings are not.
    I like books that talk about adventure stories and this is the reason I found “Gulliver’s Travels” very interesting. I recommend this book to everybody because is not a difficult reading and also, there are a lot of funny episodes. You will love it!

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