14/2: San Valentino


Le insegnanti del Dipartimento di Italiano e la direttrice della Biblioteca del Liceo propongono, per il 14 febbraio, dei libri e dei video, che verranno esposti in Biblioteca.
Collaborate con i vostri suggerimenti!

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6 Responses to 14/2: San Valentino

  1. But…How did St. Valentine become associated with love and romance?
    Get the full story behind the holiday.http://www.history.com/topics/valentines-day/videos#bet-you-didnt-know-valentines-day

  2. Rafael says:

    kind, nice
    inteligent, caring
    an unusual guy in my life

  3. federica says:

    because of your smile
    because of your attitude
    you are beaufiful
    for all of this things
    this and much more

  4. Eva says:

    you are friendly,funny,happy.
    kind,carring, sharing, smiling.
    you make me laugh.
    a special person

  5. Gianchi says:

    You are
    Kind, friendly
    smiling, shining , amazing
    You’re like a cute teddy bear

  6. Lavinia says:

    I love your hair and your
    smile and your personality
    I like walking with you
    I love talking with you

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